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Date of Publication
August, 2012

There's a lot of prevention work happening all over the place. There's lots of ways to get "plugged in" to find out what is being done out there.

Google News Alerts

Google News is constantly crawling the web to index and deliver news and blog posts. You can setup custom news alerts and get things delivered right to your inbox.

I suggest a couple generic phrases like "sexual violence prevention" and "sexual assault prevention." Remember that Google will search for exact phrases if they are in quotes. If you aren't careful, you might receive lots of unrelated hits if your search isn't crafted properly.

Also, you can try getting specialized. Do you do bystander intervention work or media literacy? Plug that in, too.


You don't have to have a Twitter account to make it useful. You can search on Twitter right from the homepage and see what people are talking about.

A search for "rape" probably won't be useful due to the negative and demeaning ways it is used in conversation sometimes. For good information, keep your searches related to prevention topics. Even try "violence against women" for a broader search.

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