Staying Motivated in Prevention Work



Date of Publication
January, 2012

Prevention work can be rewarding but also challenging. We want to help to facilitate positive social change within our communities but sometimes we run into obstacles or aren't sure we're making an impact. How can we stay motivated to do this work?

Feel enthused, refreshed, and appreciated!

Talk to other prevention folks!
Fight isolation by building relationships with others working to end sexual violence. Chat about projects, frustrations, resources, or share successes!
Keep a brainstorming book. You can keep track of ideas and resources to review later.
Read something interesting
related to prevention. Block out even a little time to catch up on resources you're curious about.
Connect personal and professional interests
when you can. Interested in media? Check out articles and blogs about media literacy and prevention.
Record successes!
Don't let positive feedback from the community slip away, keep it for a rainy day to remember you are doing great!
The small steps are important.
Building relationships is important in prevention, those calls and letters are bigger than you may think.
Make time for yourself.
It's easy to let the fun stuff slip when we're busy. Maintaining a healthy balance is key to success.

Remember, it's important to take time and make space for personal wellness — both your personal and professional lives can benefit.

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