Recorded Webinars for CSA Advocates



Date of Publication
November, 2011

Providing advocacy services for children and teens who have been sexually abused often requires specialized knowledge and skills. Ensuring that your young clients and their parents are fully informed and supported means having specific information about things such as:

  • The rights of child victims
  • The procedures for a child medical exam
  • Confidentiality and consent considerations for minors
  • Mandatory reporting
  • The roles of system partners who may become involved when a case is reported

Additionally, advocates must build rapport with children's caregivers and navigate the often complex relationships between teens and their parents.

WCSAP wants to support your work with youth and families and provide accessible opportunities for knowledge and skill building. Whether you are just beginning to work with young survivors or are looking for a refresher, you can now access five webinars that accompany From Hurt To Hope: A Child Sexual Abuse/Assault Advocacy Guide. Each webinar expands upon the content offered in individual sections of From Hurt to Hope.