January, 2014

The criminal justice system can be daunting for sexual assault survivors. The realities of this system are unknown by most, and the process is not inherently victim-centered. Final decisions about how a case proceeds and resolves are not ultimately in the control of survivors. However, active advocate involvement from reporting to sentencing can help to ensure that survivors’ voices are heard throughout, their needs are met, and their rights are upheld. When driven by the strength and wishes…

Incarcerated Survivors, Criminal Justice Process
June, 2012

The Sexual Assault Protection Order (SAPO) Act was passed in 2006, increasing access to protection for sexual assault victims. Although SAPOs have filled a gap that previously existed, the process can be unpredictable and inaccessible to those seeking protection orders.

In this interactive webinar, participants will

  1. be given an overview of the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center's CourtWatch program and their SAPO monitoring project design;…
September, 2014

What is the PO Service Notification Program? How does it work? Who can access it? How can it be accessed? How can petitioners know when their protective order has been served? How many orders are issued in Washington per month? What kind of orders are issued and which ones are covered in this program? Are there other notifications the system can make? What can advocates do to assist?

These questions and more, including those you bring to the webinar and those presented in WCSAP’s…


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