Examining the Empowerment Model and Ageism to Serve Youth Better
December, 2015

Working with young people who have been sexually assaulted can often be a daunting task for advocates and volunteers. Often, sexual assault advocates are tasked with "specializing" in so many areas of victimization, that it becomes overwhelming. How can one use the expertise that they already have to their benefit when working with young people? What barriers stand in the way of serving youth in a relevant and empowering way? In this webinar, participants will get an overview of what makes…

Child Sexual Abuse, Supervision
To Increase Your Agency's Organizational Capacity
January, 2018

This webinar will provide an overview for Executive Directors and management staff on how to empower and motivate your staff to be invested in your agency’s success along with building your overall organizational capacity and sustainability. The webinar will address how to conduct an organizational assessment of your personnel management needs and provide recommendations for supervision, staff orientation, staff development, succession planning, training, workplans, and performance…

An Essential Supporting Structure to Serve Survivors and Build Organizational Resilience
July, 2017

This webinar will take an advanced look at a foundational skill in our work: communication. So much of advocates’ work with systems, survivors, and colleagues centers on effective communication. Advocates and managers are called to challenge the oppression woven into systems and do so while still maintaining a relationship to those systems. Sexual assault program staff are also responsible for challenging each other to grow in our understanding of oppression. Many of us come to the field…

Nonprofit Governance, Planning, Supervision

OCVA Grantees

If you are an OCVA grantee and you are viewing a recorded webinar to help meet your ongoing training requirements, please note:

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  • WCSAP does NOT provide training documentation for watching recorded webinars
  • Most programs document attendance of a recorded webinar in the same manner as you would document an internal training
    • Please check within your organization to verify the proper procedure

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