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December, 2015

In WCSAP's 2006 issue of Connections, Sexual Assault: Not Part of the Penalty, we explored the issue of sexual assault in correctional facilities. A lot has changed since then. Although the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) was passed in 2003 to address sexual assault and abuse in prison, it was not until 2012 and 2014 that the final PREA standards that govern implementation of this law took effect.

One thing that has not changed since our last exploration of the issue of…

Incarcerated Survivors
Who Are Also Child Sexual Abuse Survivors
March, 2014

A trauma-informed approach to advocacy with parents of children who have been sexually abused means considering the range of stressors that families encounter. Specifically, we must recognize the possibility that parents may also have experienced sexual abuse as a child. In conjunction with the services offered to children, supporting the healing of parent-survivors helps both generations. Advocates have an excellent opportunity to help parent-survivors focus on their strengths. While their…

Parents & Caregivers
Who Engage in Nonsuicidal Self-Harm
June, 2013

Like suicidality, talking about self-harm directly with young people who have been engaged in this coping mechanism can be hard. However, because such a vital part of our work as advocates is to discuss coping strategies and help survivors discover what mechanisms work best for them, discussions that involve self-injury, self-medication, eating disorders, engaging in risky sex, and other self-harming behaviors are integral.

Advocates are often the only people in a survivor’s life…

Child Sexual Abuse
Examining the Empowerment Model and Ageism to Serve Youth Better
December, 2015

Working with young people who have been sexually assaulted can often be a daunting task for advocates and volunteers. Often, sexual assault advocates are tasked with "specializing" in so many areas of victimization, that it becomes overwhelming. How can one use the expertise that they already have to their benefit when working with young people? What barriers stand in the way of serving youth in a relevant and empowering way? In this webinar, participants will get an overview of what makes…

Child Sexual Abuse, Supervision
Men, Women, and Rape
January, 1993

Documents the history, politics, and sociology of rape and the inherent and ingrained inequality of men and women under the law.

  1. Rape
  2. Victims
  3. Offenders
  4. Overview
  5. History
  • Author: Susan Brownmiller
  • Publisher: Fawcett Columbine, 1993.
Anti-Oppression, Theory & Concepts
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Agent of Change is an online game which allows users to choose their reactions, creating pathways and customizing situations to the specific questions and needs of the student. Agent of Change addresses many forms of violence, and includes diverse characters. Continuously updated with student pre- and post- test data.

Curriculums, Bystanders, Healthy Relationships
Activation to Evaluation
February, 2007

Community development as a sexual violence prevention strategy is an interesting paradigm. Based on our own individual skill set and life experiences we usually enter into the process with an expectation of what the outcome might be. In partnership with others, we enter into a collaborative process to understand the dynamics of sexual violence in our communities and reduce the negative impact. Through dialogue and discourse we reach a shared understanding. The resulting strategies derived…

Theory & Concepts
September, 2015

This summer, WCSAP released a support statement for the #blacklivesmatter Movement as a recommitment to our anti-racism work and allyship with African American communities. In that statement, we committed to being transparent about our ongoing process and to sharing tools that we find helpful along the way with our membership. We don’t have all the answers, but we want you to come along with us as we continue and deepen…

A Family-Based Teen Dating Violence Abuse Prevention Program
March, 2013

Foshee, V. et all (2012). Journal of Adolescent Health.

Often when we think about teen dating abuse prevention programs, we think of programs delivered in a school setting. Moreover, we may even think specifically of the curriculum Safe Dates, as it is one of the only evidence-based teen dating abuse prevention curricula. However, the Families for Safe Dates program combined components of the Safe Dates curriculum with additional activities and presents them in a very new format: at…

Parents & Caregivers, Curriculums, Healthy Relationships
Black Women, Rape, and Resistance—a New History of the Civil Rights Movement from Rosa Parks to the Rise of Black Power
November, 2018

From the earliest days of America to today, African American women have been at the forefront of movements against sexual violence and rape. The Dark End of the Street is an essential history of sexual violence and the Movement against it in the United States. This book places the Anti-Sexual Assault Movement within the Civil Rights and Abolitionist Movements and centers the work and victimization of African American women. This book is essential reading for those working in the current…

Advocacy, Training Tools, Anti-Oppression, African Americans

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