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Treating Victims of Sexual Assault / Abuse
January, 2002

This is a manual that comprehensively administers mandatory training to sexual assault therapy providers. Stephanie Sacks, Clinical Director of Therapy Services contributed the Trauma...

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  5. Non Profit Rape Crisis Management: Training Manuals
  • Author: Guy, Lydia.
  • Publisher: WCSAP, 2002.
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July, 2018

In the past decade, colleges and universities have been introducing and expanding sexual violence prevention efforts. These efforts take many forms, including online courses, peer education, and educational presentations among others. In the article "Sexual assault interventions may be doing more harm than good with high-risk males," researchers Malamuth, Huppin, and Linz analyze how these programs can impact students in different ways, and how they can sometimes produce unintended…

Culturally Specific, Schools & Campus
For People With Disabilities
May, 2004

This pamphlet is designed for managers of sexual assault programs who strive to ensure that their agencies and services are accessible and welcoming to survivors with disabilities.

If you are involved in activities to end assault and abuse against women, then you are aware that there are increased risk factors for women who have less privilege and power. Women with disabilities may be among those with the least privilege and power.

Providing architectural and service access,…

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December, 2016

Ensuring the sustainability of your organization is dependent upon its preparedness for the unforeseen. Agencies should not only be prepared for external factors such as natural disasters but also should be prepared for personnel emergencies, such as the sudden illness or resignation of the executive director.  Plans can be made to make an unexpected transition smoother and ensure the agency maintains services in a crisis.

First review the executive director job description and…

WCSAP Webpage
March, 2018

What is a Staff Workplan?

A staff workplan serves as a road map for an individual staff person. It is not a job description, but it serves as a tool for every staff person to outline or map out their responsibilities for a specific time frame, such as the coming week, month, quarter, or year. The workplan should be developed by each staff person to include their respective projects (whether individually or team-based), deliverables, training activities, and self-care plans with the…

WCSAP Webpage
July, 2014

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center and the Resource Sharing Project have provided some excellent information on how dual or multi agencies can ensure that their sexual assault advocacy and community activism remains strong. Their article, Opening Doors: Building Strong Sexual Assault Services in Dual/Multi-Service Agencies identifies ten…

Program Provision
PDF & Hard Copy
January, 2012

Service providers from all disciplines — medical and mental health, law enforcement, the courts, education, child welfare, and advocacy — can offer trauma-informed services to those they serve. Trauma-informed services approach people from the standpoint of the question "What has happened to you?" rather than "What is wrong with you?" It is important to note that providing trauma-informed services does not mean service providers must determine exactly what has happened to an individual.…

Program Provision
March, 2011

This webinar will provide an overview of crisis intervention in cases of child sexual abuse. It is intended to build upon and enhance the content presented in the related section of the From Hurt to Hope Child Advocacy Guide. The guide and each complementary webinar aim to support sexual assault advocates in their work with children and families.

Child Sexual Abuse
The Vulnerability of Immigrant Farmworkers in the US to Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment
March, 2013

Sexual violence in agricultural farmworking occurs far too frequently due to the severe imbalance of power between employers and their immigrant workers. In addition to the personal trauma, survivors also encounter systematic barriers to reporting the abuse and holding the perpetrators accountable.

In this "Research & Advocacy Review," we examine a report from Human Rights Watch (HRW) about the sexual violence and harassment commonly experienced by farmworkers. We review the…

Immigrant & Refugee
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This 8-session curriculum addresses cyber bullying, communication skills, peer pressure, and media literacy. This model uses trained peer leaders to teach skills to their peers using small group discussions, scenarios, and other exercises. There are additional resources to use school-wide to address policies and procedures.

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