A Call for Workshop Speakers For The Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Program's 2020 Annual Conference

Theme of Annual Conference:

The Audacity of Inclusion

Championing Liberation + Solidarity in our movement.

Location: Spokane, Washington
Dates: 4th -6th of May, 2020

Our WCSAP team is elated to share that our official call for workshop speakers for our 2020 Annual Conference is officially underway. Our team is working hard behind the scenes to ensure that this conference will highlight a great need in our movement, which is to actively be agents of inclusivity in all forms of our work.

Specifically, this year we are inviting workshop speakers representing a variety and range of communities to apply:

  • Youth Community
  • Hard of hearing and Deaf community
  • Visually impaired individuals
  • LGBTQ Community
  • Immigrant Community (Black, Asian, Latinx, Pacific Island)
  • Trans Women + Trans Men
  • Non Binary individuals
  • Individuals with Invisible disabilities
  • Individuals with Visible disabilities
  • Tribal and indigenous communities
  • African American communities
  • Rural Communities
  • Communities of Color

This year we are being mindful to center all of our workshop speakers and content around those who actively represent often overlooked, and or uninvited communities to the table. We firmly believe that in our quest to eliminate sexual violence, we have to diligently examine all of our practices, especially practices that have been exclusionary in nature. Our role moving forward must be to actively engage with folks who are the most adversely affected by sexual violence.  Our theme for inclusivity for this conference is one that blares a resounding sound of action, solidarity and liberation.

We are specifically inviting workshop speakers who are:

  • Advocates
  • Educators
  • Preventionists
  • Community Leaders
  • Survivors
  • Teachers + Trainers
  • Middle Managers
  • Admins
  • Directors
  • Lecturers and Educators
  • Immigration lawyers, attorneys and prosecutors
  • Allies
  • Airline workers / Airline hostesses
  • Funders
  • Authors
  • Podcast Authors
  • Tribal Leaders
  • Immigrant + Refugee Leaders
  • Marginalized community leaders
  • Tech Leaders
  • Scientists / Researchers
  • Teens / Youth
  • Elderly
  • STEM community
  • Rural Community Leaders
  • Farmer workers
  • Factory workers
  • International students

Applications are due by October 7th, 2019 at 1pm

RFP Application

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