Collin Veenstra

Collin Veenstra


Peel Education Empowerment League

Collin Veenstra (pronouns: they/them) is a sexual violence preventionist, youth educator, advocate, visual artist, and director of the Peer Education Empowerment League (PEEL) — a grassroots, peer-led sexual violence prevention program in Tacoma, WA.

Collin has developed and managed a variety of youth programs over the past 10 years, including leadership development, sexual violence prevention, LGBTQ youth support, sexual health, and after-school programming. In 2015, Collin developed and piloted Oasis Youth Center’s Project 13 Middle School Program, a first-of-its-kind sexual violence prevention program for LGBTQ middle school youth. In June 2017, Collin founded PEEL, a youth program which offers ongoing, prevention-focused leadership development for local high school students, and peer-led community prevention workshops to area middle and elementary after-school programs.

Collin sees any project they take on as an opportunity for education around sexual violence prevention, and believes in embedding a culture of everyday consent in all youth development work. Discussions around consent, boundaries, mutual aid, social justice, art, mythology, and weird stuff that cats do, makes them happiest. Collin has a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Studies from the University of Puget Sound.


Advocate Core is held 3 times a year

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  • October / November, Central Washington

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  • January / February, Western Washington
  • July, Eastern Washington

Annual Conference

  • End of April, Early May, Location Varies

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