Tracy D. Wright, MS

Tracy D. Wright, MS

TA Provider & Women of Color Leadership Project Coordinator

North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault, National Resource Sharing Project

Tracy D. Wright is the Technical Assistance Provider and Women of Color Leadership Project Coordinator with the North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NCCASA) for the National Resource Sharing Project. Her current work provides technical assistance and training to 16 state and territorial sexual assault coalitions. In this capacity, Tracy works with national entities to create a coordinated response to ending sexual violence, addresses emerging issues and carves out initiatives specifically for women of color in the anti-sexual violence movement. Ms. Wright holds a BA in Mass Communications from Shaw University and a Master’s of Science in Print Journalism from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. She was also a graduate of the North Carolina Center for Women in Public Service Summer Institute and in 2010 participated in the America’s Leaders of Change Development Initiative, a competitive cohort of nonprofit leaders across the country sponsored by National Urban Fellows and Wal-Mart Foundation. In 2014, Ms. Wright was invited to the White House by the Office of the Vice President and the White House Council on Women and Girls, to be a part of a high-level strategy meeting on domestic violence and sexual assault with varied corporations. To date, she has trained and lead critical dialogues across 36 states and 4 US Territories, at National Sexual Assault Conference and the White House State of Women Summit. In her spare time, Tracy is a political handler for a Wake County Elected Official and project lead for the Young Advocates Institute, a service learning opportunity that houses and trains 200 youth, ages 13-17, over a weekend of prevention education and leadership development workshops.

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