Why is the Sexual Assault Coalition Different from the Domestic Violence Coalition in Washington State?

Survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence have complex and varied needs respectively. Sometimes these needs overlap and sometimes they are specific to their type of victimization. Both are complex and require specialized knowledge and resource development. Although many survivors experience multiple forms of violence and trauma the impact of sexual violence is unique. Additionally, in Washington State, not all sexual assault agencies are also domestic violence and/or crime victim services providers.

Because domestic violence and sexual assault funding is disparate, it is important for the needs of sexual assault survivors to have a strong voice. Focused public policy, systems advocacy, and technical assistance are necessary on issues specific to sexual assault such as forensic exams, the Prison Rape Elimination Act, rape kit backlog, campus response, Rape Prevention Education funding, and many more. We are fortunate to have two coalitions in the state focused on efforts specific to the needs of both domestic violence and sexual assault survivors.