Presentation Template on PREA and Victim Advocacy For Incarcerated Persons & Corrections Staff



Date of Publication
December, 2016

The intent of this presentation is to provide a starting place or a template for your program when responding to requests, typically from corrections agencies, for presentations for staff or incarcerated people about advocacy services. The concept of advocacy may be a new one for corrections staff and for incarcerated people. We have included the key points and best practice approaches to discussing the topic and expect you may customize some aspects of the slides to meet your community’s needs, experiences, and resources.
The key messages in this presentation are designed to help the audience understand:

  • What community based advocacy is.
  • What to expect from working with an advocate.
  • What activities are outside the role of an advocate.
  • What the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) says about access to advocacy services.
  • How advocacy services provided to incarcerated people can be as confidential as possible.

Before You Begin...

The "Before You Begin..." document contains:

  • General information about the presentation.
  • Links to trainer resources and background materials.
  • Links to suggested handouts.

Download Before You Begin...

PREA Victim Advocacy Training Template

The "PREA Victim Advocacy Training Template" contains:

  • Power point slides with minimal formatting so that you can drop them into an existing presentation or format to match other presentations your agency has developed.
  • Detailed trainer notes or tips on every slide.

Download Training Template