Campaign Tips & Talking Points

Sexual Assault Awareness Month Talking Points

A collection of talking points to use in your presentations, one-on-one conversations, and media campaigns. PDF

Activities & Community Engagement

Try incorporating fun activities to help promote awareness about the issue of sexual violence and involve your community in making a difference! Here are a few to get you started:

  • Play SAAM Bingo! This set of 4 Bingo cards encourages people to take small actions and start conversations to raise awareness; comes with instructions. PDF
  • Provide in-service trainings about bystander intervention and sexual assault resources
  • Host a community wide pledge in which people sign a large SAAM poster/banner and declare they will "Be The Solution" to ending sexual violence
  • Hold ceremonies to honor special people such as volunteers, staff, board members, and public officials who are working to end sexual violence.
  • Engage elected officials. Call and share information about your program with them or invite them to speak at a public forum in your community.
  • Invite other organizations and businesses to place SAAM information in their windows or on their websites
  • Sponsor a teen dance. Involve youth in organizing a teen dance that also raises awareness of sexual assault issues. Arrange to have proceeds donated to your local sexual assault program.
  • Host an educational forum. Borrow a video from the WCSAP library to show at your organization during SAAM. Invite different communities to attend, facilitate a discussion after the video, and hand out SAAM materials.
  • Plan a potluck or brown bag lunch. Invite your community to come together to share food and get to know you and your services.

You can download & print this list of event ideas PDF

Media Activities

The media can be an incredible ally in getting the word out about the awareness activities you have planned, as well as helping to generate conversations and critical thinking about sexual violence. Here are some ideas to get engaged with your local media:

  • Arrange for newspapers to print articles about sexual assault. Write letters to newspaper editors, highlight a story about the work you are doing to end sexual violence in your community, or contribute a series of articles to your local college newspaper on subjects relevant to students.
  • Participate in a radio talk show interview. Ask your local radio station to air programs focusing on issues of sexual violence.
  • Air public service announcements (PSA) on the radio. Check out the PSA's from the 2012 campaign; available in English and Spanish.

Media Resources

  • Tips on Working with the Media PDF
  • Sample Public Service Announcement Word | PDF
  • Sample News Release Word | PDF
  • Letter to the Media Word | PDF

Working with Schools

Schools are a wonderful place to do outreach, provide information and resources, and engage youth in becoming a part of a positive social change movement. Here are some tips on working with schools, colleges, and universities. PDF