Child Sexual Abuse

Examining the Empowerment Model and Ageism to Serve Youth Better
December, 2015

Working with young people who have been sexually assaulted can often be a daunting task for advocates and volunteers. Often, sexual assault advocates are tasked with "specializing" in so many areas of victimization, that it becomes overwhelming. How can one use the expertise that they already have to their benefit when working with young people? What barriers stand in the way of serving youth in a relevant and empowering way? In this webinar, participants will get an overview of what makes…

Child Sexual Abuse, Supervision
A Family-Based Teen Dating Violence Abuse Prevention Program
March, 2013

Foshee, V. et all (2012). Journal of Adolescent Health.

Often when we think about teen dating abuse prevention programs, we think of programs delivered in a school setting. Moreover, we may even think specifically of the curriculum Safe Dates, as it is one of the only evidence-based teen dating abuse prevention curricula. However, the Families for Safe Dates program combined components of the Safe Dates curriculum with additional activities and presents them in a very new format: at…

Parents & Caregivers, Curriculums, Healthy Relationships
Speak Act Change: Youth Advocacy Kit
January, 2011

This curriculum is part of the larger, "Respect Works," curriculum and can be used in conjunction with, "Safe Dates." For Grades 8-12. Activate your students by giving them the tools to protect themselves and their peers from dating violence.

  1. Awareness raising
  2. Peer leadership
  3. Dating Violence
  4. Youth Advocacy
  • Author: Breaking the Cycle
  • Publisher: Hazelden, 2011
Child Sexual Abuse, CSA Prevention, Guides & Activities
January, 2000

Article features a family strengthening strategy that integrates theory with decades of research and practice at the University of Miami in an intensive, short-term, problem focused intervention, generally lasting about three

  1. Intervention
  2. Family
  3. Therapy
  • Author: Robbins/Szapocznik, Micheal/Jose'
  • Publisher: Washinton, D.C. : Juvenile Justice Bulletin, 2000
Parents & Caregivers, Therapy
February, 2012

This issue of the Digest focuses on research about children and teens that have come into contact with the criminal justice system because they are victims of crime. We know that one in four girls and one in six boys are sexually abused before the age of 18. When these crimes are reported, those individuals typically become involved with the criminal justice system.

As advocates, we recognize that the justice system can be complex, confusing, and often unpredictable. These concerns…

Child Sexual Abuse, Incarcerated Survivors
WCSAP Webpage
March, 2015

I recently read a comment from a child advocate that speaks to the core of why advocacy is such an important service for young survivors of sexual abuse in our communities: "I've been working for decades now with children who have experienced significant harm. Each of them expected nothing more or less from life than what they'd experienced." Ultimately, our goal in child advocacy is to help young people envision and pursue a life that is more than and different from the trauma they have…

Child Sexual Abuse
Sexually Victimized Children
January, 1979

Based on a large-scale survey and in light of demographic and cultural factors, the author examines why children are sexually victimized, the sources of trauma, differences between reported and unreported cases of assault, possible increases in sexual victimization, and the experiences of abused children.

  1. Child Sexual Abuse
  2. Theory
  3. Research
  4. Psychology
  5. Psychotherapy
  6. Developmental
  7. Adolescent
  8. Couples & Family…
Child Sexual Abuse, CSA Prevention
A Parents Guide to the Understanding and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse
January, 1992

A Parents Guide to the Understanding and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse. Introduction; The Myths; Profile: the Pedophile; Incest; Recognition; Medical Concerns; Legal Issues; Recovery; Prevention; Resources; Looking Ahead;

  1. Prevention
  2. Child Abuse
  3. Child Sexual Abuse
  • Author: WCSAP, Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs
  • Publisher: WCSAP, 1992
Parents & Caregivers, CSA Prevention
A Guide for Parents of Young Sex Offenders
January, 1987
  1. Therapy/Treatment
  2. Offenders Juvenile
  • Author: Gil, Eliana.
  • Publisher: Launch Press, 1987.
Parents & Caregivers, Sex Offender Management, CSA Prevention
WCSAP Webpage
December, 2015

People with disabilities can and do have sex. But because of myths perpetuated by an ableist society, many children with disabilities are being systematically left behind in receiving education regarding healthy sexuality.

Children with disabilities experience sexual abuse at rates greater than children without. This is primarily due to unique risk factors (e.g. isolated settings with caregivers and attendants) and the lack of systems providing sex and healthy relationship education…

Child Sexual Abuse, Disability

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