About Accreditation



Community Sexual Assault Programs (CSAPs) in Washington State receive their funding through the Office of Crime Victims Advocacy (OCVA). Every four years, each CSAP undergoes a rigorous accreditation process, whereby they are audited by an outside agency to ensure that sexual assault survivors have access to quality services across the state.

OCVA is responsible for the accreditation process broadly, including the determination of accreditation standards and the enforcement of the accreditation process. The outside evaluation agency ("accreditor") conducts the accreditation review and delivers each program's score to OCVA.

WCSAP staff provides technical assistance to CSAPs as they prepare for accreditation. This technical assistance varies widely in scope and is developed in response to each program's individual needs. For some programs, this means that WCSAP staff provides assistance and guidance over the telephone. For others, WCSAP staff travels to the CSAP to provide intensive on-site assistance.

Accreditation Resources

The Toolkit has been revised and updated to reflect the changes in Accreditation Standards over the past years. Be sure to check OCVA information on revised Standards as well. This handbook gives you step-by-step information on how to prepare for your accreditation review. No matter where your agency is in the accreditation cycle, you will find valuable information on how to maintain information, manage your program, and remain in compliance with Accreditation Standards.