Accreditation Toolkit April 2022 Revision



Date of Publication
July, 2017

Recognizing the need for an accessible, user-friendly manual that could help Community Sexual Assault Programs navigate the complexities of the Washington State accreditation process, we have developed this document over the years.

While WCSAP realizes that it is often useful to see samples of policies, procedures, or other documents, we are mindful that these examples can easily be misused. It is never good practice to simply copy and use sample documents, because they may not fit the needs of your agency and you run the risk of creating inconsistency with already existing policies, procedures, plans, and other published information for your program. We have included numerous samples and templates in this Toolkit as a guide for your program to develop your own materials. While we have made every effort to provide samples that reflect up-to-date practice in our field, your agency or program may wish to obtain legal advice about any sensitive policies and procedures, such as personnel issues or the handling of client information.

You can download the Toolkit in its entirety at the image above or access each section separately below.

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