Special Editions

Special Editions are publications or tools created by the WCSAP Prevention Resource Center on an element of sexual violence prevention.

January, 2010

Sometimes we are so busy walking the path of our daily lives that we don't have the time to go exploring for resources. We hope this resource guide will support you in your journey working with children and teens who have been sexually assaulted and their nonoffending family members. The resources in this guide were supplied by therapists across the state doing this work.

Some of the resources are designed to help therapists expand their own knowledge, while others are intended to be…

Parents & Caregivers
July 2017 Edition
July, 2017

Recognizing the need for an accessible, user-friendly manual that could help Community Sexual Assault Programs navigate the complexities of the Washington State accreditation process, we have developed this document over the years.

While WCSAP realizes that it is often useful to see samples of policies, procedures, or other documents, we are mindful that these examples can easily be misused. It is never good practice to simply copy and use sample documents, because they may not fit…

State Assessment Summary 2015
April, 2015

WCSAP continues to work with the Washington Department of Corrections (DOC) and the Office of Crime Victims Advocacy (OCVA) to develop and implement a streamlined statewide approach to services for incarcerated survivors of sexual assault in prison and work release facilities. In addition to prison focused work, WCSAP remains actively engaged in dialogues about service provision to survivors in jails and juvenile detention/rehabilitation facilities. WCSAP is continually working to improve…

Incarcerated Survivors
Activation to Evaluation
February, 2007

Community development as a sexual violence prevention strategy is an interesting paradigm. Based on our own individual skill set and life experiences we usually enter into the process with an expectation of what the outcome might be. In partnership with others, we enter into a collaborative process to understand the dynamics of sexual violence in our communities and reduce the negative impact. Through dialogue and discourse we reach a shared understanding. The resulting strategies derived…

Theory & Concepts
June, 2016

Campus sexual assault is an increasing focus area in the media, legislature and in communities across the nation. Sexual assault programs throughout Washington State are well-situated to share their expertise, as communities work to build a survivor-centered campus response. Many programs are prioritizing work in this area because the increased focus means there is increased momentum in their communities to address campus sexual violence. This year WCSAP conducted a survey to learn what is…

Campus, Schools & Campus
January, 1999

Community development and social change strategies - something new? As the old song lyric says, "Everything old is new again."

When the state Sexual Assault Prevention Advisory Committee was convened by the Office of Crime Victims Advocacy in 1997 to explore and discuss sexual assault prevention approaches, it was a committee representative of the entire sexual assault prevention community. There were key representatives from the Department of Health, from the Office of the…

PDF & Hard Copy
January, 2012

Service providers from all disciplines — medical and mental health, law enforcement, the courts, education, child welfare, and advocacy — can offer trauma-informed services to those they serve. Trauma-informed services approach people from the standpoint of the question "What has happened to you?" rather than "What is wrong with you?" It is important to note that providing trauma-informed services does not mean service providers must determine exactly what has happened to an individual.…

Program Provision
March, 2014

In this discussion and activity guide, we examine the mainstream film "Don Jon." This popular film addresses several of the root causes of sexual violence and can be used as a fun and engaging tool when working with youth.

Included in this guide you will find:

  • Notes to facilitators
  • Summary of the film
  • Tips for framing the discussion
  • Key points to highlight
  • Discussion questions
  • Interactive activities…
Guides & Activities, Healthy Sexuality, Media Literacy & Technology
in Washington State
June, 2013

Over the last two years, WCSAP has prioritized the issue of child sexual abuse (CSA) prevention in Washington State. Our initial motivation was high requests from our programs for resources and guidance in doing this work. We learned there was a lot of interest from communities and excitement from programs to address child sexual abuse. However, in our efforts to provide information and resources that reflected promising practice and effective prevention principles, there were limited tools…

CSA Prevention
A Child Sexual Abuse/Assault Advocacy Guide
PDF & Hard Copy
December, 2009

Working with child sexual abuse/assault (CSA) victims and their nonoffending parents/caregivers/families can present a unique dynamic for Community Sexual Assault Programs (CSAPs) and advocates. What does confidentiality look like for a 10-year-old or a 15-year-old? What decisions can children or teens make for themselves? Who is my client, the child or the parent? Why is the child going through a medical assessment when the last abuse was three months ago? Why does the parent act like this…

Child Sexual Abuse, Parents & Caregivers

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