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January, 2008

"This journey towards the remembrance and recognition of one’s true self awaits us all. Nothing can stop it. As we so beautifully see in these pages, not even the most tremendous pain can halt the flowering of the spirit—if we refuse to let it. In that sense, this is not a book about agony of abuse—be it sexual, physical or emotional. This is a book about healing, about coming together, about embracing the love and forgiveness that it takes to reclaim the most tender and vulnerable…

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How to Talk to Parents about Child Sexual Abuse
March, 2016

In this training you will learn strategies to talk to parents and caregivers and about a new prevention resource developed by a local CSAP. Many parents already know the basic facts and want more information about how to protect their children. The topics include: healthy sexual development, teaching consent and boundaries, challenging society's messages, watching for signs of abusers, and how to respond if a child has been sexually abused.

CSA Prevention
Speak Act Change: Youth Advocacy Kit
January, 2011

This curriculum is part of the larger, "Respect Works," curriculum and can be used in conjunction with, "Safe Dates." For Grades 8-12. Activate your students by giving them the tools to protect themselves and their peers from dating violence.

  1. Awareness raising
  2. Peer leadership
  3. Dating Violence
  4. Youth Advocacy
  • Author: Breaking the Cycle
  • Publisher: Hazelden, 2011
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Teacher Guide
January, 2007

What Is the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program? As stated earlier, the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP) is the most researched and best-known bullying prevention program available today. With over thirty-five years of research and successful implementation all over the world, OBPP is a whole-school program that has been proven to prevent or reduce bullying throughout a school setting. The goals of the program are

  • to reduce existing bullying problems among students…
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The Leeds, Grenville, & Lanmark District Health Unit created a health-based curriculum for children that emphasize healthy sexuality education as an important aspect of child sexual abuse prevention. Each unit teaches and reinforces 2 to 4 simple, age-appropriate messages via a circle time, a song, a book, and an activity or craft.

Six-unit curriculum:

  1. bodies,
  2. babies,
  3. feelings,
  4. touching,
  5. bedtime, and
  6. secrets/…
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Sexually Victimized Children
January, 1979

Based on a large-scale survey and in light of demographic and cultural factors, the author examines why children are sexually victimized, the sources of trauma, differences between reported and unreported cases of assault, possible increases in sexual victimization, and the experiences of abused children.

  1. Child Sexual Abuse
  2. Theory
  3. Research
  4. Psychology
  5. Psychotherapy
  6. Developmental
  7. Adolescent
  8. Couples & Family…
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A Parents Guide to the Understanding and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse
January, 1992

A Parents Guide to the Understanding and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse. Introduction; The Myths; Profile: the Pedophile; Incest; Recognition; Medical Concerns; Legal Issues; Recovery; Prevention; Resources; Looking Ahead;

  1. Prevention
  2. Child Abuse
  3. Child Sexual Abuse
  • Author: WCSAP, Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs
  • Publisher: WCSAP, 1992
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A Guide for Parents of Young Sex Offenders
January, 1987
  1. Therapy/Treatment
  2. Offenders Juvenile
  • Author: Gil, Eliana.
  • Publisher: Launch Press, 1987.
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WCSAP Webpage
September, 2015

Commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) is a form of child sexual abuse. It is sexual activity involving a minor in exchange for something of value, or promise thereof, to the child or another person or persons. The young person is treated as a commercial and sexual object.

Often when schools and communities request a CSEC program this is connected to increased media attention of CSEC or in response to a recent incident. Programming that defines the violence and focuses on…

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January, 2010

SafePlace is the primary provider of comprehensive domestic violence and sexual prevention, intervention, education and advocacy services in Austin, Texas.

  1. Prevention in Teen Dating
  2. Promoting healthy relationships
  • Author: Barbara Ball, PhD
  • Publisher: Ginny's Printing in, 2010.
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