Feminist Theory and its Validity to Anti-Sexual Assault Work



Date of Publication
May, 2003

"Is feminism still valid?" is the question that became the basis of this issue of Connections. As we began to contemplate that question it came became clear that the question has always been, "Is feminism valid?" First wave feminism, the women's suffrage movement 1860-1920, was viewed as a radical doctrine, focused on dividing the genders. It was thought to be a construct of white, middle class, heterosexual, educated women. Second wave feminism, the women's liberation movement 1960 - 1982, encountered exactly the same critique. As we head into the third wave of feminism, feminist circles continue struggle with the same issues. The question remains, "Is feminism still valid?" Yes, feminism is still valid. We may have come a long way baby, but until every women feels feminism is inclusive of her experience we still have a long way to go.

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