Working With Schools The Healthy Youth Act and Your Community



Date of Publication
September, 2009

Prevention programming is happening in communities across Washington in a variety of settings. However, it's hard to deny that schools are not a very popular place to deliver these messages. And for good reason, that's where the kids are. That's where our future goes to figure out what kind of world we'll all be living in tomorrow.

For this issue of the PISC, we are talking about schools. We take a look at the laws about what schools must offer, we provide ideas and resources about curricula, and we hear from the Office of Crime Victims Advocacy (OCVA) regarding Core Service Standards.

If your organization is an OCVA contractor and not a Community Sexual Assault Program (CSAP), check out the piece on the community organizing standards and schools. If your organization is a CSAP, you'll be interested in the OCVA article on the Core Service Standard. Plus, we highlight new curricula to use in schools that are available in the WCSAP Library.

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