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August, 2011


  • Set up three large poster boards or flip sheet papers
    • Typical Things Partners Do
    • Not OK, But Not Sexual Coercion or Violence
    • Sexual Coercion or Violence
  • Make two sets of index cards with one of the items from the attached list on each card; also include several blank cards. It may make things simpler if you paperclip each card to its duplicate, since you will need to mix them up and then…
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June, 2015

Advocates come from all walks of life and advocate for a variety of purposes; but the purpose of these training materials is to provide information and support for advocates who work with residents of long-term care, specifically, long-term care ombuds, sexual assault program advocates, or disability advocates. Building advocacy where disability, sexual violence and long-term care meet is nuanced and important. The intention of this booklet is to assist in the development of effective…

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A Resource for Sexual Assault Service Programs
October, 2011

Fiscal responsibilities within programs fall under the direction of the Executive Director, Board of Directors and certain staff members. The Executive Director, in collaboration with the Board of Directors, manages finances, stewardship and oversight. The Board of Directors is a critical component to agency health and success. The Board of Directors should include diversity in both culture and skills.

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October, 2008

Many of the clients we see across the state are child victims of sexual abuse. Sometimes they are presented as the primary client and other times they are presented in connection with a larger pattern of abuse occurring within a family. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine who your client is. If you determine your agency is providing services to more than one family member, make sure that each victim has their own advocate and confidentiality is respected.

This advocate…

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