Effective Training Guidelines



Date of Publication
June, 2015

Advocates come from all walks of life and advocate for a variety of purposes; but the purpose of these training materials is to provide information and support for advocates who work with residents of long-term care, specifically, long-term care ombuds, sexual assault program advocates, or disability advocates.

Building advocacy where disability, sexual violence and long-term care meet is nuanced and important. The intention of this booklet is to assist in the development of effective trainings on these intersections; for sexual assault advocates, long-term care ombuds, resident workgroups and any person or agency involved in long- term care sexual violence response.

The hope is that with guidance from this booklet, training attendees will leave with a touchstone — a reminder of why they do what they do — as well as tangible materials that realistically incorporate the everyday work of advocates. This in turn, will result in feelings of confidence and empowerment among those actively involved in this work.