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August, 2011


  • Set up three large poster boards or flip sheet papers
    • Typical Things Partners Do
    • Not OK, But Not Sexual Coercion or Violence
    • Sexual Coercion or Violence
  • Make two sets of index cards with one of the items from the attached list on each card; also include several blank cards. It may make things simpler if you paperclip each card to its duplicate, since you will need to mix them up and then…
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Black Women, Rape, and Resistance—a New History of the Civil Rights Movement from Rosa Parks to the Rise of Black Power
November, 2018

From the earliest days of America to today, African American women have been at the forefront of movements against sexual violence and rape. The Dark End of the Street is an essential history of sexual violence and the Movement against it in the United States. This book places the Anti-Sexual Assault Movement within the Civil Rights and Abolitionist Movements and centers the work and victimization of African American women. This book is essential reading for those working in the current…

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June, 2015

Advocates come from all walks of life and advocate for a variety of purposes; but the purpose of these training materials is to provide information and support for advocates who work with residents of long-term care, specifically, long-term care ombuds, sexual assault program advocates, or disability advocates. Building advocacy where disability, sexual violence and long-term care meet is nuanced and important. The intention of this booklet is to assist in the development of effective…

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Foundation Skills for Trainers
January, 2005

Training and Facilitation skills curricula.

4 disc set : DVD Video and Data CD

  1. Training Presentation
  2. Facilitation
  3. Nonprofit Rape Crisis Management
  • Publisher: National Institute of Correction, 2005.
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Helpful Tips for Leading & Facilitating Conversations on Race
January, 2011

This book contains helpful tips for leading and facilitating conversations on race and is designed for Training the Trainer. It makes available strategies the author's wished they had when first starting out. Engaging in

  1. Training,
  2. Facilitating
  3. Race
  4. Diversity
  5. Equity
  6. Cultural
  • Author: Caprice D. Hollins, Psy.D. & Ilsa M. Govan, M.A.
  • Publisher: Starseed Publications, 2011
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