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January, 1997

A guide to sexual abuse prevention for deaf teenagers of high-school age. Curriculum for Deaf, Deaf-Blind and Hard of Hearing Teenagers.

  1. Deaf
  2. Youth
  3. Disabilities
  4. Child Abuse
  5. Child Sexual Abuse
  • Publisher: Abused Deaf Women's Advocacy Services, 1997
Child Sexual Abuse, Disability, Guides & Activities
WCSAP Webpage
January, 2013

When you have a staff member who has a negative attitude and doesn't really seem to care about the work, the first thing that comes to mind is "burnout." However, it is important to distinguish whether the attitude and behavior is a result of vicarious trauma — the changes in a person's inner experience that come about because of handling an overload of other people's traumatic experiences — or burnout, which is dissatisfaction with the job itself. In either case, it is important to assess…

WCSAP Webpage
November, 2014

A comprehensive primary prevention strategy is comprised of multiple activities and messages that are logically connected and build upon one another. These types of strategies are designed to reach people and communities over a long period of time.

Effective strategies should target risk and protective factors for perpetration. According to the CDC, risk factors are associated with a greater likelihood of sexual violence (SV) perpetration. They are contributing factors and may or may…

In Your Community
November, 2005

This guide was designed to provide you with practical tools to help you cultivate attorney referrals in your own community. It offers a variety of ideas about how to develop pro bono resources and attorney referrals and some may be more appropriate for your community than others. This guide was developed in 2005 and has not been updated. Although much of the information remains accurate, WCSAP's structure has changed and no longer includes a Legal Services Department. The guide refers to an…

Legal Advocacy
An Essential Supporting Structure to Serve Survivors and Build Organizational Resilience
July, 2017

This webinar will take an advanced look at a foundational skill in our work: communication. So much of advocates’ work with systems, survivors, and colleagues centers on effective communication. Advocates and managers are called to challenge the oppression woven into systems and do so while still maintaining a relationship to those systems. Sexual assault program staff are also responsible for challenging each other to grow in our understanding of oppression. Many of us come to the field…

Nonprofit Governance, Planning, Supervision
Providing Counseling and Advocacy for Disabled Persons Who Have Been Sexually Abused
January, 1981

A training manual for providing advocacy and counseling for persons with disabilities who have been sexually abused. Providing Counseling and Advocacy for Disabled Persons who have been Sexually Abused

  1. Disabilities
  2. Sexual Assault Advocacy
  3. Prevention: Advocacy Training Manuals
  • Author: Parr, Yvette
  • Publisher: A Seattle WA: Seattle Rape Relief, 1981
Disability, Therapy
May, 2003

Prevalence statistics consistently show a high incidence of sexual victimization among people with disabilities. In spite of this fact, people with disabilities are not significantly represented as clientele of traditional sexual assault delivery systems. This issue of the "Research and Advocacy Digest" provides specific information about sexual violence within various communities of people with disabilities. Furthermore, this digest highlights resources that explore socio-political factors…

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August, 2017

As survivor-centered agencies, we often think about accessibility in terms of the clients who come through our doors or call our hotlines; however, as organizations we should also be thinking about how we can accommodate those individuals with disabilities that work within our agencies.

By way of creating inclusive and diverse workplaces, we need to access technical assistance and planning tools to help us be intentional, proactive, and lawfully compliant. Here are a collection of…

Nonprofit Governance, Supervision
March, 2011

Some highlights of this issue:

  • An interview with disaster sociologist Dr. Elaine Enarson
  • Interviews and articles from managers of sexual assault programs across Washington State - snapshots of what is really happening in the field
  • A disaster recovery guide
  • An article on disability considerations
  • An emergency planning fact sheet
  • A checklist of strategies you can use to create your emergency plans and recovery…
March, 2014

In this discussion and activity guide, we examine the mainstream film "Don Jon." This popular film addresses several of the root causes of sexual violence and can be used as a fun and engaging tool when working with youth.

Included in this guide you will find:

  • Notes to facilitators
  • Summary of the film
  • Tips for framing the discussion
  • Key points to highlight
  • Discussion questions
  • Interactive activities…
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