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Agent of Change is an online game which allows users to choose their reactions, creating pathways and customizing situations to the specific questions and needs of the student. Agent of Change addresses many forms of violence, and includes diverse characters. Continuously updated with student pre- and post- test data.

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A Family-Based Teen Dating Violence Abuse Prevention Program
March, 2013

Foshee, V. et all (2012). Journal of Adolescent Health.

Often when we think about teen dating abuse prevention programs, we think of programs delivered in a school setting. Moreover, we may even think specifically of the curriculum Safe Dates, as it is one of the only evidence-based teen dating abuse prevention curricula. However, the Families for Safe Dates program combined components of the Safe Dates curriculum with additional activities and presents them in a very new format: at…

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Originally: Student Leaders & Athletic Youth (2015)
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Intended for high school athletes on girls’ sports teams. The program aims to empower female-identified youth to take an active role in promoting healthy relationships and ending sexual violence. Athletes are encouraged to be leaders in changing social norms at the school to a culture of safety and respect.

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Empowerment Model program created by Peace Over Violence. Structured to encourage positive female development on each level of the social-ecological model. Each lesson provides an opportunity for young women to challenge oppressive social norms, build connections with peers, develop their sense of self-esteem, and work towards preventing sexual and intimate partner violence.

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This guide (unCurriculum) was created by the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance. Includes: Facilitator’s introduction and 6 units;

  1. Positive Personal Development,
  2. Addressing Teen Dating Violence,
  3. Addressing Sexual Harassment with Teens,
  4. Addressing Sexual Violence with Teens,
  5. Exploring Gender Sexuality and Power, and
  6. Promoting Healthy Relationships.
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Curriculum developed by the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence’s Center for Healthy Teen Relationships. Intended to help teens identify and develop healthy relationships.

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Causing Pain: Real Stories of Dating Abuse and Violence
January, 2008

This package from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Choose Respect Campaign contains a DVD of two video programs and materials CD, with a Choose Respect discussion guide, PowerPoint slides, and appendices. These activities will motivate participants to come up with ways to promote healthy and respectful relationships in their community.

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  2. Curriculum
  3. Youth
  4. Prevention
  5. Dating Violence
  6. Social…
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This 8-session curriculum addresses cyber bullying, communication skills, peer pressure, and media literacy. This model uses trained peer leaders to teach skills to their peers using small group discussions, scenarios, and other exercises. There are additional resources to use school-wide to address policies and procedures.

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Art-based primary prevention program (unCurriculum) created by the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance. Addresses youth violence, dating and sexual violence, sexual harassment, and bullying by confronting its root causes and enhancing protective factors to promote positive development and healthy relationships.

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January, 2014

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month. Tweens, teens, and young adults engage in relationships — these can be simple or complex, fulfilling or frustrating, and sometimes dangerous. When working to promote healthy, positive relationships for youth we must create strategies that address physical, emotional, sexual, and digital forms of abuse.

Many preventionists are already doing great social change work in schools. We can amplify our prevention impact by…

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