Healthy Sexuality

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Approaching Sexual Violence Prevention From a Sex Positive Framework
June, 2010

This webinar will incorporate the positive aspects of sexuality education into a sexual violence prevention framework. If we’re working to prevent rape and other forms of sexual violence, we must simultaneously promote healthy sexual interactions. This webinar will address a sex-positive approach to violence prevention, provide a model workshop outline, and explore the challenges of this approach.

Healthy Sexuality
Affirming Healthy Sexual Development and Expression
May, 2017

This webinar will educate participants about the basics of healthy sexual development and teen and emerging adult sexual expression, address myths about survivors of sexual abuse or assault and sexuality, and coach participants about how to talk with young people they are helping about sex and sexuality more comfortably, and in ways that affirm the sexualities of those people, and help support them in creating their own wanted, safe and satisfying sexual lives.

Healthy Sexuality
Sexual Health Promotion & Sexual Violence Prevention
April, 2014

In this webinar, participants will learn how to boost and sustain their prevention work by connecting and integrating with existing sexual health education efforts. Violence preventionists can make the most of current national research, the Washington Healthy Youth Act, and Washington Department of Health Guidelines. We will discuss best practices related to STD and teen pregnancy prevention and sexual violence prevention. Preventionists will leave this webinar being able to make the case…

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