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January, 2010

The seemingly sleepy intersection of Delaware Ave. and 12th St. in Fort Pierce, Florida is ground zero for the ferocious abortion rights battle raging in America. On one corner stands an abortion clinic; across the street is the Pregnancy Care Center, a pro-life outpost dedicated to heading off abortion seekers at the pass.

12th & Delaware provides a compelling, fly-on-the-wall view of the ideological trench warfare that takes place daily at this crossroads, where women…

Reproductive Health & Justice
A Family Perspective to Sibling Sexual Abuse
May, 2014

Keane, Guest, & Padbury (2013) explored issues of sibling sexual abuse in their recent article. According to the authors, there must be a balance of concern for victims of sibling sexual abuse, as well as those who offend. They rejected the feminist framework that prioritizes victim rights (specifically in the instance of youth offending) in order to look at it from a developmental framework.

Adult theories of offending are located in research that suggests the…

Child Sexual Abuse
Should Not Have Therapy Delayed Until After Trial
WCSAP Webpage
April, 2011

In cases of child sexual abuse, some prosecutors discourage parents or others from placing a child in therapy until after the trial. The fear is that therapy will create memory and suggestibility issues which may be used by defense counsel to attack the child's credibility. Therapists confronting this issue can make the following points.

  1. If a child wants or needs therapy, it is unethical to withhold this treatment. Numerous studies document that sexual abuse…
Child Sexual Abuse, Legal Advocacy
A Workbook

An updated companion to "Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations, Creating and Implementing Your Strategic Plan" is a step-by-step guide to strategic planning. This second edition is filled with useful tools, including illustrative examples, detailed questionnaires, and easy-to-understand worksheets. It takes users through every step of creating a tailored strategic plan, from concrete guidelines for brainstorming sessions, to developing show…

Management, Nonprofit Governance, Planning
January, 2008

"This journey towards the remembrance and recognition of one’s true self awaits us all. Nothing can stop it. As we so beautifully see in these pages, not even the most tremendous pain can halt the flowering of the spirit—if we refuse to let it. In that sense, this is not a book about agony of abuse—be it sexual, physical or emotional. This is a book about healing, about coming together, about embracing the love and forgiveness that it takes to reclaim the most tender and vulnerable…

Advocacy, Child Sexual Abuse, CSA Prevention
A Manual for Facilitators of Therapeutic Support Groups
January, 1991


This manual contains information about the healing process for adult survivors, group facilitation, and self-contained sessions for facilitators of therapy groups.

  1. Facilitation
  2. Support Groups
  3. Therapy/Treatment: Adult Survivors/Partners of Survivors
  • Author: Yamamoto-Nading, /Stringer DeAnn, /Gayle.
  • Publisher: King County Sexual Assault Resource Center, 1991.
Guides & Activities, Support Groups, Therapy
How to Talk to Parents about Child Sexual Abuse
March, 2016

In this training you will learn strategies to talk to parents and caregivers and about a new prevention resource developed by a local CSAP. Many parents already know the basic facts and want more information about how to protect their children. The topics include: healthy sexual development, teaching consent and boundaries, challenging society's messages, watching for signs of abusers, and how to respond if a child has been sexually abused.

CSA Prevention
January, 2010

Sometimes we are so busy walking the path of our daily lives that we don't have the time to go exploring for resources. We hope this resource guide will support you in your journey working with children and teens who have been sexually assaulted and their nonoffending family members. The resources in this guide were supplied by therapists across the state doing this work.

Some of the resources are designed to help therapists expand their own knowledge, while others are intended to be…

Parents & Caregivers
January, 2004

The purpose of this guide is to help a survivor or guardian of a child survivor understand the advantages and disadvantages of suing the perpetrator or other responsible parties in civil court. It is not legal advice and should not be substituted for the advice of an attorney. Consulting with an attorney can help a survivor determine what laws apply to their situation and what claims they may have against the perpetrator or other parties. This guide was last updated in 2004, so it is also…

Civil Legal System
January, 2010

Centered on an educational performance by Jeffrey Bucholtz, this film enhances our cultural understanding about the connections between different forms of oppression, and how those oppressions facilitate sexual violence.

  1. Oppression
  2. Anti-violence
  3. Popular Culture
  4. Sexual Assault
  5. Sexual Violence
  6. Intersectionality
  7. Gender Roles
  • Author: Bucholtz, Jeffrey
  • Publisher: IMO, 2010

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